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Gestalt - 2017 Seattle Design Festival Installation by CollinsWoerman

Gestalt: An organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.

Seattle Design Festival 2017 brought together groups, organizations, and individuals from our region and across the globe to explore the POWER of design in our changing world. The Gestalt installation by CollinsWoerman in Seattle, Washington, is an interactive dialogue about this sentiment.

Gestalt is a field of suspended objects. Users walk through the space manipulating each module. The cause/effect relationship requires working together in order to create a cohesive graphic. Only with cooperation between all participants, will the modules align to be coherent.

In order to achieve something successfully, we must work together across our differences, utilizing our uniqueness and learning from one another. Gestalt is an interactive dialogue about this sentiment. A field of modules containing faces of color, and faces of reflectivity are suspended from a surface above. Through rotating these mirrors/colors, users can create multiple displays. To achieve this, those on the inside of the field must communicate with those outside the field, as each party owns a different viewpoint. The actions of one, while seemingly beneficial, may negatively impact the experience of another. Only through cooperation and coordination, can the installation be realized.