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Fones Road Value Planning Charrette


City of Olympia

Fones Road Value Planning Charrette
Olympia WA

CollinsWoerman Principal Steve Moddemeyer was a leading consultant working with the City of Olympia and the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure at Evergreen College to re-envision the $14 million Fones Road project to better reflect a broad array of community values. The “Value Planning” approach is designed to help smaller communities to apply integrated thinking to larger infrastructure projects and to generate more economic, community, and environmental value for each dollar invested in community infrastructure.

Fones Road was a classic case of a complex problem that required integrated thinking. While affordability and traffic throughput was a driving factor, the results of the value planning exercise addressed those issues while at the same time included increased pedestrian, bike, and residential connectivity, increased water quality treatment, additional access to open space as well as land use zoning recommendations that improve community opportunities for connection and convenience. Moddemeyer worked with economics consultant John Gibson to prepare the subsequent Triple Bottom Line Analysis and Business Case for the Fones Road project for the City of Olympia.