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CollinsWoerman is pleased to announce the following new leadership appointments, promotions, and renewals for 2016

CollinsWoerman appointed Cameron Wu, Matthew Grunert, Nick Funaro, Richard Houts, Semra Riddle and Talia Olson to Associate and renewed the appointments of Andy Morison, Jay Blackburn, Leif Person and Nathan Copley to Associate. The firm promoted Alex Clark, Candice Clinton, and Natasha Epstein from Associate to Senior Associate and appointed Bart Carrothers, Bruce Lindeke, Chien Chen, James Tippett, Keysha Stark, Kris Paulson, Peter Damento to Senior Associate. The firm also introduced a new leadership designation of Practice Leader; tasked to be a thought leader, knowledge manager and firm promoter in a designated area of practice or expertise, and promoted Carole Kassir-Garcia, James Walker, Jeff Bates and Patrick Logan to Practice Leader – Design. CollinsWoerman periodically reviews leadership appointments and either appoints, promotes or renews leadership designations.

Founded in 1988, Seattle-based CollinsWoerman is a nationally recognized and award-winning architecture, design and planning firm comprised of experienced architects, planners, designers, multi-disciplinary specialists and LEED® Accredited Professionals.